BULSTAT Register

BULSTAT Register

The BULSTAT Register is a unified national administrative register that is kept by the Registry Agency at the Ministry of Justice.

Upon entry of a newly registered entity in the BULSTAT Register, a unique unified identification code (UIC) is generated, called BULSTAT Code, which is the only identifier of business subjects in Bulgaria. All legal subjects listed in the BULSTAT Register shall use and state the BULSTAT UIC in the documents they issue and use in their workflow.

Registration of persons in the BULSTAT Register is done on their own initiative at the registry offices of the Registry Agency, located at the headquarters of the district courts. The competent registry office for registration of foreign persons is determined by the rules of Art. 9, Par. 7 of the BULSTAT Law.

Subject to registration are:

  • legal persons and branches of foreign persons that are not merchants;
  • commercial representative offices of foreign persons under Art. 24 of the Law on Investment Promotion;
  • foreign legal persons:
    • doing business in the country, including through a permanent establishment or a fixed base or object;
    • having effective management within the territory of the country;
    • owing property in the country.
  • unincorporated associations under the Law on Obligations and Contracts and insurance funds under Art. 8 of the Social Security Code;
  • other persons who are insurers and are not physical persons;
  • branches and subsidiaries of legal persons that are not merchants, foreign legal persons and physical persons outside the stated ones, which are insurers and are not physical persons, as well as branches of merchants who are entered into the Commercial Register;
  • physical persons who are freelancers or craftsmen;
  • foreign physical persons who do not have a personal identification number or personal number of a foreigner, and:
    • carry out business activities or provide independent personal services in the country, including through a permanent establishment or a fixed base or object;
    • owing property in the country;
    • are insurers;
  • other physical persons that are insurers.

Foreign persons from a Member State of the European Union or another State Party to the Agreement on the European Economic Area, who carry out business activities in the country temporary or one-time, are not subject to BULSTAT registration.

Upon entry of a new subject in the register fees are collected, stated in Art. 8, Par. 1 of the Rate for State Fees collected by the Registry Agency.

More information about the services related to the BULSTAT Register, provided by the Registry Agency, can be found HERE.


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