State government

State government

Bulgaria is a parliamentary republic. The supreme law of the country is the Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria, adopted by the Grand National Assembly in July, 1991.

National Assembly
The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria is a unicameral parliament. It consists of 240 members who are elected by the people every four years. The National Assembly is a legislative body, which is led by a chairman and four vice-chairmen.




President of the Republic of Bulgaria

Vice President

The president is the head of state of the Republic of Bulgaria and one of the bodies of the state power. The president is the supreme commander of the armed forces of Bulgaria and is elected directly by the voters for a term of five years. As an institution the president of Bulgaria has a number of functions and powers, but has no legislative power and initiative.


Council of Ministers

Prime Minister

Cabinet Members

The Council of Ministers is the executive state body that manages the domestic and foreign policy of the country. The Council of Ministers is elected by the National Assembly for a term of four years. The Council of Ministers consists of the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Ministers and Ministers.


National symbols

The national symbols of the Bulgarian state are the flag, anthem and coat of arms.

The coat of arms of the Republic of Bulgaria is a state symbol that expresses the independence and sovereignty of the Bulgarian people and state. The emblem is depicted as a rampant gold crowned lion on a dark gules shield. There is a big crown with five crosses over the shield, whose prototypes are original crowns of Bulgarian kings of the Second Bulgarian Empire, and there is a separate cross over the crown. The shield is supported by two golden crowned rampant lions, facing the shield from the left and right heraldic sides. They are standing on two crossed oak branches with acorns. Below the shield, on a white strip across the ends of the oak twigs, with a tricolor edging is written in golden letters: "Unity gives strength".




The Bulgarian national flag is rectangular in shape and consists of three colors: white, green and red, positioned horizontally top to bottom, as colored boxes are identical in shape and size.





The national anthem of the Republic of Bulgaria is the song "Dear Motherland". It is based on the music and lyrics of the song "Proud Old Mountain", written in 1885 by Tsvetan Radoslavov.