Business in the EU

Business in the EU

European Small and Medium Business Portal

The portal provides a variety of information on current topics for the small and medium enterprises, such as access to funding, procurements, standards, rules of the EU market, policies of the EU for SMEs, etc.

Your Europe

The portal provides information and practical guidance for starting, developing, managing and closing a business within the European Union. Separate sections are devoted to innovation, responsible business and finance.

Enterprise Europe Network – Portal of the EC

The Enterprise Europe Network helps small and medium business to make the most of the European market. The Enterprise European Network includes 600 local business organizations in over 50 countries in the EU and beyond. Through the portal can be offered combined information and consultancy services for: business development, entering new markets, transfer of new technologies, access to EU funding, intellectual property protection and more.

Enterprise Europe Network – Bulgaria

The portal provides information on the organizations in Bulgaria that are representatives of the Enterprise Europe Network, information for the services they provide as a part of the network, as well as other useful information.

Tenders Electronic Daily - TED

The website is an online supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union, designed for tender notices from the European Union, European Economic Area and beyond. The portal allows you to view, search and sort tender notices by country, region, business sector and more. The information for every tender document is published in the 23 official EU languages. The full versions of all notices from EU institutions are published in these 24 languages.