Business outside the EU

Business outside the EU

Promoting the international activities of SMEs

The portal provides information, researches, analyses, etc., related to the access of SMEs to international markets by stabilizing the growth, improving the competitiveness and achieving long-term stability.

Enterprises and Industry – trade facilitation in the context of globalization

The website contains important information on free trade agreements, specialized international work groups created on the basis of bilateral relations and public consultations. Current information on contracts and grants is also published.

Market Access Database (MADB)

The website provides access to a database of information for enterprises exporting from the EU, as well as the conditions for import on third-countries markets. Here you will find information about the main barriers affecting the export, duties and import taxes for products in certain countries, procedures and documents required for customs clearance, statistical information on trade flows from EU to non-EU countries, etc.

Database on the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade

The website provides access to a daily updated database of information on the official notifications to the Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade, as well as other related documents. You can search by country, date, document number, topic, and other key words. The information is available in English, French and Spanish.

Funding through External Cooperation Programmes

The website contains extensive information about annual programmes, calls for tender offers, funding and grants in the context of development efforts and cooperation under EU programmes for external assistance. A Practical Guide explains the contractual procedures and the tool for financial management supports the management of activities on contracts already won.

European Customs Information Portal

The website provides information about the customs rules and procedures related to the safety and security requirements. It contains links to more than 10 databases with information about customs offices in different countries and regions, the European Customs Inventory of Chemical Substances, tariff quotas and limits, a system for exchange of excise goods data, etc. There is an application available that allows the tracking of export goods.

Taxation and Customs: Electronic Databases

On this website, the European Commission provides summarized information about databases related to taxation, customs tariffs and procedures. There is a list of authorized economic operators, information on tariff classifications, etc. You can also make verification by the tax identification number.