Initial login

Initial login

Initial authorization process is implemented in few steps as follows.

New password request - Enter the new password in the Password field and repeat it in the Enter again field. Click the Save button.



А selection of a question for password recovery and filling in an answer. From the Question field, select a security question and answer it in the Reply field. This data may be used in the process of resetting the password in case you forget it. Click Save. At this point, the user has been successfully authorized. The following steps are optional.


In the last step of registration the user needs to update their account information, which step may be skipped.

If completing the profile is skipped, the system will ask the user to fill in the account information every time they authorize. Also, they may open their account using the Profile link located at the right side of the top bar - as shown in the following illustration.

The profile itself contains the following fields - information on whether the user is a physical or legal person, as well as other data depending on the selection.


Physical person – a Bulgarian citizen:

Bulgarian legal person:

Foreign physical person:

Foreign legal person: