Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market

Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market

Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market (Services Directive) is a European legal act that is intended to facilitate the operations of enterprises in the provision and use of services within the EU Single Market.

The Directive regulates the general rules and principles concerning the right of establishment for service providers and the free provision of services in accordance with the provisions of Art. 49 and Art. 56 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the EU.

The Directive was adopted on December 12th, 2006 by the Council and the European Parliament and published in the Official Journal of the European Union on December 27th, 2006.

The provisions of the Services Directive were transposed into national law by the Law on the Provision of Services (promulgated in SG, issue 15 from 23.02.2010, in force from 23.02.2010).

The scope of the Directive covers:

  • Distribution services, including wholesale and retail trade of goods and services;
  • Craft services;
  • Construction services;
  • Services provided by regulated professions: architects, veterinarians, lawyers, etc.;
  • Business-related services: services in advertising, intermediary employment services, services of industrial property representatives, accounting, etc.;
  • Services in tourism: tour operator and travel agency activities, tourist guides, etc.;
  • Services related to accommodation and food: hotels, restaurants, catering services;
  • Services related to education and training: private schools, private training centres and universities, etc.;
  • Services related to household maintenance, such as: cleaning services, private babysitting, gardening, etc.;
  • Services related to real estates;
  • Services related to maintenance and repair;
  • Private social services.

The scope of the Directive does not cover:

  • Financial services;
  • Electronic communication services and networks;
  • Services in the field of transport;
  • Services of temporary employment agencies;
  • Health services;
  • Audiovisual services and radio broadcasting services;
  • Services related to gambling activities;
  • Private security services;
  • Services provided by notaries and bailiffs who are appointed by an official government act;
  • Non-economic services of general interest;
  • Activities related to the exercise of public authority;
  • Social services related to social housing, childcare and support of families and persons who are permanently or temporarily in need these services are provided by the State or by providers which are mandated by the State.