Point of single contact

Point of single contact

PSC is a portal for electronic administrative services established in each Member State of the EU to facilitate entrepreneurs wishing to start and do business in the field of services, not only in their country but throughout the European Union.

The construction of a PSC is an obligation of all Member States in accordance with the provisions of Directive 2006/123/EC on services in the internal market.

The aim is through the PSC to facilitate the relationship between business and administrative bodies, while significantly reduce the cost for entrepreneurs to start and develop business in the EU.

Through the national portals of the PSC of the Member States, entrepreneurs receive:

  • Complete, accurate and current information on:
  • the requirements to meet if they wish to start business in the field of services in a particular Member State;
  • contact details of the competent authorities;
  • means and conditions for access to public records and databases;
  • the remedies that are available in the event of a dispute between providers and competent authorities, between providers and service recipients or between service providers;
  • contact information for the relevant associations or organizations other than the competent authorities, which providers or service consumers could turn to for information or other questions.
  • Ability to apply online and carry out appropriate administrative procedures and to send and receive documents electronically.

When to seek the PSC

When planning to start a new business or expand your business in the field of services in your own or in another EU Member State and you don't know:

  • What should I do when I want to establish myself permanently and start a business in another Member State?
  • What should I do when I want to offer cross-border services, temporary or one-time, without establishment in another Member State?
  • What licenses, notifications or permits are required to start a business in another Member State?
  • Will my permit or license be recognized?
  • What is the procedure and which is the authority for recognition of my professional qualifications or higher education?
  • Do I have to pay fee? To what amount?
  • How and by which institution can I get additional information or clarification?

You will receive information and answers to all of these questions from the PSC portals of the Member States, which are available HERE.