E - Identification

E - Identification

Within the Project "Improvement of administrative services to consumers through building on the central systems of e-Government" carried out by the Ministry of Transport and Communications, with the financial support of Operational Programme "Administrative Capacity", co-financed by the European Union through the European Social Fund, the System for Electronic Identity management of Bulgarian Citizens and the Electronic Identity Register were set up.

Electronic identity (e-ID) is a unique electronic identifier of a person via a smart card with a universal numeric code. The electronic identity card containing the name of the card holder, protected PIN code and password. The card does not contain personal data.

Electronic identity enables each citizen to request and receive e-services, and participate as a physical or legal person in other electronic processes related to e-government and business.

Electronic identity card may be requested by any Bulgarian citizen over 14 or foreigners with a long-term residence in Bulgaria.

The electronic ID card will look like this:



With the implementation of the project, the electronic ID card will provide its holders:

  • Secure and reliable personal data protection
  • Accessibility and ease of use of:
    • Electronic administrative services through a single point, regardless of your location:
      • in the field of health (e-Health);
      • in the field of education (e-education);
      • in the field of justice (e-Justice);
      • in the field of economy (e-Tax).
  • Electronic services offered by the business (e-Business);
  • Electronic services offered by persons performing public functions (notaries);
  • Electronic services offered by the organizations providing public services (utilities);
  • Cross-border European identity (European Citizen Card);
  • Access to the services of the European Digital Single Market (Digital Single Market);
  • Machine Readable Travel Document;
  • European Travel Insurance Card;
  • Free movement of students within the EU (European Student Mobility).

More information about the pilot project for electronic identity and instructions for using your card can be found HERE. (In Bulgarian language only)