Commercial representation

Commercial representative offices

A foreign person may register a commercial representative office in Bulgaria, provided that they are entitled to conduct business under the national legislation of the country in which they are established.

The commercial representative office of a foreign person is not a legal person. It may not carry out business activities on behalf of its own. Transactions concluded through its agency shall always be on behalf of the foreign person.

In case such transactions are concluded with local persons for the needs of the representative office, they shall be subject to the rules for transactions between local persons (according to Art. 24, par. 2 and 3 of the Law on Investment Promotion).
Although the commercial representative office is not a legal person and has no right to carry out business activities, it is a subject to registration in the Unified Register of Business Subjects BULSTAT.

A commercial representative office of a foreign person shall be registered with the Unified Commercial Register of the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BCCI).

In order to register a commercial representative office, the legal representative of the foreign person or a person who is explicitly authorized by them through a notary certified power of attorney should submit an application form to the BCCI.

For initial registration of a commercial representative office of a foreign person in accordance with the Rate of Prices of Services provided by the BCCI, charges amounting to the equivalent in BGN of EUR 120 are collected, calculated at the exchange rate as of the date of acceptance of the registration documents at the BCCI.

You shall have seven (7) days for registration in the BULSTAT Register, considered from the date of registration of the commercial representation in the BCCI, in accordance with the provisions of Art. 12, Par. 1 and Par. 4 of the BULSTAT Law.

The entry in the BULSTAT Register takes place at the respective Registry Office of the Registry Agency, located at the headquarters of the district court for the registration of the merchant.


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