Commission for Consumer Protection

Commission for Consumer Protection

Commission for Consumer Protection is a specialized state body implementing the legislation for consumer protection in Bulgaria and applying administrative control over the entire domestic market. The main objective of this control is to create an environment where people feel comfortable and secure. The CCP is competent in 11 laws - Law of Consumer Protection and 10 sectoral economic laws.

The legal framework of consumer rights includes also the obligations of merchants, the structure of administrative offenses and penalties provided for them.

The main activities of the Commission for Consumer Protection are monitoring the market for dangerous goods, control of unfair commercial practices, elimination of unfair terms in the general terms of consumer contracts and remote sales.

The CCP receives signals, suggestions and complaints, conducts inspections, makes recommendations, assists in resolving disputes, and imposes sanctions in case of violations.

The CCP helps in resolving disputes between consumers and merchants in connection with the warranty liability, the right to return goods and services, etc.

The CCP is also the coordinator and point of contact for three major systems for the exchange of information within the EU regarding product safety.

Information on how to file a complaint or report to the CCP can be found HERE.

You can file a complaint or report online HERE.


Commission for Consumer Protection

Hotline: national telephone 0700 111 22

Address: 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria

4А Slaveykov Sq., fl. 3, 4 and 6

Working hours: weekdays from 9:00 until 17:30